terça-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2014

Because after all… Christmas is coming *

She breaks the darkness with a hope no one has seen
Beneath her heart there grows a grace that has not been

Nazareth Morning

Has come to be

The dawn that eyes have longed to see

Carpenter's lady with a baby at her breast
A humble court where kings and shepherds are her guests
Nazareth Morning
Bethlehem Star
A light for people near and far
Dawn grows to Day, Day comes to stay
The dark of sin won't dim the way
The darkness lied and tried to hide the day in death
Yet in her cries there lies a hope in every breath
Nazareth Morning
Calvary Night,
Can never stop the truth and light

Another morning brings an unexpected light
Another Mary sees an unexpected sight
Nazareth Morning
Rolls stones away
No night can end this endless day

Nazareth Morning
Will always be
The dawn that longs to set us free