domingo, 18 de janeiro de 2015

Why does God let us suffer?

Hoje enquanto pensava em todas as coisas que me deixavam triste lembrei-me: tenho saúde, tenho cama-mesa-e-roupa-lavada, tenho família, tenho amigos e tenho fé em Deus. O resto vem "por arrasto".

5 minutos que valem muito a pena!

Jesus never promised us freedom from suffering. What He promises us is His presence whit us in our suffering.
What He promised is that because we can unite our suffering with His on the cross and offer to God for the salvation of the world is that pain can have a purpose.
What he promised us is the hope of Easter Sunday and that death doesn’t have the final word.
What He promised us is an example of heroic love in the middle of our suffering.
He didn’t suffer so we didn’t have to, He sufferd so we’d know how to.
So even when you’re in those darkest moments of life thinking “God where are you?”, you know where He is: He’s on the cross right next to you saying “My God my God why you forsaken me?” so you would never have to say those words alone. 

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Alice Cabral disse...

é um dos meus youth ministers preferidos :) ele é um máximo! aconselho todos os videos! o do "Answering Atheism" e o do Papa JPII tb estao óptimos! Obrigada Ni :)