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Soulmates: Is There Really Such A Thing?

Soulmates: Is There Really Such A Thing?

I’ve been having this discussion a lot of times lately. My opinion (which is nothing more than that) is that yes, Soulmates are a real thing. You may have a different opinion, and that’s ok but first let me try to explain the 6 reasons why I believe in Soulmates.

1st reason: The Holy Bible. In Tobit 6:18 when Saint Raphael tells Tobias that although Sarah has been married 7 times and all her husbands have been killed he shouldn’t be afraid because she was destined to be his from eternity: “Do not be afraid; she was destined for you from the beginning”. Same way God didn’t create a Mary, an Eve and an Esther for Adam to choose, he created one woman for him, Eve. I also don’t believe there could be any equally or better good spouse for Mary than Saint Joseph.

2nd reason: I believe there are many people who can help you become holier, but there is always one who can help you better. This is logical and it makes sense that you should be with the person who will help you the best to become the person God created you to be.

3rd reason: I see in some godly couples how God’s love for them is revealed in the spouse God has given them. I know that I will see God’s immense love for me in the spouse that He has for me. Who he is, how he loves me and how he treats me will show me how much God loves me. I once read this in a blog: “God has someone in mind who will love you to the point that you will feel God loving you through them.”

4th reason: When God calls someone to the religious vocation He doesn’t tell that person ‘I don’t really care about which order you choose, each will be equally good for you and for my Kingdom, all that matters is that you become a priest/nun’. Of course this is silly, God has always a specific order for that person that will help him/her become holier and where he/she can help His Kingdom better than in any other order. Same happens with marriage. If God calls you to the vocation of marriage He’s not going to tell you ‘I just want you to be married but I don’t really care who you get married to’. No, He will have someone in mind for you, someone that will make you happier and holier than any other could.

5th reason: Real testimonies. I know some stories of couples where you could see God’s hand in their love story. These are real stories but I will use fake names.
Anne and Peter: On their honey moon they were checking photos from an album with a trip to Europe Anne had done 10 years ago, when suddenly Peter became white ‘Look at this photo Anne!’ said Peter, ‘What? This is me in the stairs of a fountain in Rome’ replied Anne, and Peter said ‘See that guy sited next to you? That’s me’. What a wonderful wedding gift from God!
Claire and Paul: The priest who was helping Claire and Paul in their preparation for the sacrament of marriage asked them for the certificates of their baptisms. When he was reading them he noticed that they both had been baptized the same year, same month, same day, same hour and same Church. And they had only met a couple of years before their engagement.
There are many stories like these but I don’t have time to write them all.

6th and last reason: My twin sister and I feel attracted by completely different men. The fact that I feel more attracted than she by certain physical types and by certain qualities and virtues, will lead me to a different kind of man than my sister’s. This is not a random thing about us; God makes us like that so that He can lead us to the right person. If I am in a relationship with a man that doesn’t believe there couldn't be a better woman than me for him, then I am certain that he cannot be my future spouse.

Again, this is just my opinion. You’re free to think differently :)

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